There may be some snow...

28th Jan 2019

There is snow forecast for early this week so we're just making sure everyone knows what we do to let you know that the school is closed.

You can find the Bad Weather Procedure in the Parents' Zone>Documents and Links which is where we post documents other than our school policies.  It is also added below for convenience.

Can we also encourage you to sign-up for the free text messages from Warwickshire County Council about school closures?  Click on this link to subscribe and see other helpful information about school closures.

Taxi drivers will have also registered with this school closure alert service.  On rare occasions taxis may turn up when you have received a message about Round Oak being closed from the alert service.  Please trust this message and let the taxi driver know the school is closed and not send your child to school.


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Bad Weather Procedure

Bad Weather Procedure