Holloway Farm

Holloway Farm is our offsite learning environment. The farm is a horticultural venture where students experience work based learning to achieve qualifications in BTEC Vocational Studies
and Personal Social Development; a great preparation for life after school.

Students from KS4 and KS5 produce hanging baskets, doorstep pots and a large variety of vegetable plants to sell on. Plants are produced from seed and from plug plants.

A range of vegetables are planted out at the farm to grow to fruition, some of this produce is used for cooking projects in school helping students understand where their food comes from – from seed to plate.

What the students say about Holloway Farm:

“I work hard at the farm.”

“It’s great working outside; it gets your brain active!”

“I planted a pot with pansies and primroses, it was pretty.”

“I like watering with the hose.”

“I like helping other people at the farm.”

“It’s good seeing things grow.”