Our Staff

Kate Stevens - Head Teacher

Hi, I work behind the scenes helping to make the school day run smoothly. I help staff, pupils and parents to enjoy Round Oak School. My door is always open, so if you have an idea about how we can do something better - I want to hear about it!


Janice Farren

Teacher - Junipers

My name is Janice Farren. I have worked in the school for 7 years and have had experience teaching each year group. I am currently form teacher for a Year 11 class and TLR for Middle School. My specialist areas are history, geography, R.E. and P.E. which I enjoy teaching very much.

Maxine Leonard

Assistant Head Teacher - Pastoral

Before joining Round Oak in Sept 2012, I taught all levels of primary aged children eventually becoming the deputy head teacher of a small primary school. My passion has always been working with students who have additional needs. I hold an Honours Degree in Education, a Masters level qualification in S.E.N as well as additional qualifications in Autism, Dyslexia and assorted therapies.

In September 2016 I helped set up the new pastoral hub at Round Oak where my colleagues and I work with parents, carers and a variety of agencies to ensure all our students are safe and happy.

Rob Liney

Assistant Head - Inclusion

I am the Assistant Head for inclusion and the manager of the Support Service. Although I have worked for Round Oak since it opened in 1989 I have spent most of my time working for Round Oak in other Primary and Secondary Schools helping other  Special Needs Coordinators (SENCo) and teachers to work with pupils in their school who have special needs.

Surinder Pal

Business Manager

I have been School Business Manager for just over 4 years starting in September 2012. My previous posts have mainly been working in the public finance sectors for both Local Authority & NHS. This is my first post working in a school environment with such a varied remit, It has been both challenging and enjoyable. I can honestly say no two days are the same. My main areas of responsibility are:-


Finance - Manage the school’s financial resources to ensure its spent effectively. Provide to accurate and timely reports to the Head and Governing Body.

Administration - Manage whole school non education matters.

Human Resources - Advise the Governors, Head and Leadership team on employment issues, including policies, legislation contract and salary matters, taking advice from external sources where necessary.

Premises - Oversee school premises, including school housekeeping, repairs and maintenance, development of buildings.

Support Service - The school runs an outreach service offering assistance and advice to mainstream schools on all aspects of special educational needs.  Providing bespoke costings for customer and drafting Service Level Agreements.




Patricia Bates

Round Oak School TA3 ASD Interventions

I have been working at Round Oak School for 15 years and have an extensive knowledge of SEN.  My role involves supporting pupils with ASD through 1:1 sessions, observing pupils and liaising with staff to provide a holistic care package. I am actively involved in support parents and carers.  In 2015 I qualified with a Cert Ed in Autism from Birmingham University.  Round Oak School is currently working towards ASD Accreditation for which I am co-ordinator.  

Gerarda Berger-Byrne

Hi I’m Gerarda and I have worked in SEN for 21 years. I do all the literacy intervention here at Round Oak which involves assessing pupils and building learning plans to help them achieve their best. I do this by 1:1 weekly sessions that last 25mins.

 I wear 3 other hats here at work too! I am a Safe Guarding officer, CAF coordinator and deliver RSE.

As a CAF coordinator I run many CAFs at school or in people’s homes and make sure all the paperwork is in place as well as try to source the correct people to attend meetings who would offer the most valuable help to that particular case. I check in with all my cases everyday to make sure that pupils are happy. I am always available to have ‘chats’ at anytime with any of the pupils.

As a Safe Guarding officer (Child protection) I am the point of call to any member of staff or pupils who have a worry that may need to be taken further.

 I deliver RSE to year 11’s and from September I will be delivering all the SRE to KS3 and KS4. Again I am available to chat to pupils/parents about any issues they may have with this.


School Dog

Bertie is a Chocolate Labrador and is present throughout the school day with his handler Bev.  Bertie is a “Dogs for Good” (formerly Dogs for the Disabled)  and is the first qualified School Dog in the country.  Bertie lives with Sue Backhouse and she kindly brings him to school everyday except a Monday.  Bertie loves his walks, playing with a ball and spending time with the students.

Dogs for Good Bertie video 





Emma Lincoln

Teacher - Maples

My name is Emma Baldwin and I am Co-ordinator of PE at Round Oak School. I organise all of the sporting provision for students at the school including schemes of work, lesson plans and resources as well as sporting competitions and after school clubs.

My passion is sport and the children of Round Oak and I currently play Netball at Leamington Ladies Netball Club.

I am also a qualified Netball, Trampoline, Rebound Therapy, Sherborne Therapy and Athletics Coach as well as a qualified Sports Nutritionist.

Charlotte Bosworth

Teaching Assistant

I am a teaching assistant (TA3) and I have worked at Round Oak for 5 years. Currently I am midway through my teacher training and will be fully qualified next year. My subject specialism  is Art and Design and I also hold qualifications in Art therapy, Interior design and counselling.

Jennifer Collett

Teaching Assistant

My name is Jennifer Collett and I have worked as a teaching assistant at Round Oak since September 2007.  I am happy to work with all ages and in any of the classes. The students are wonderful, young people to work with and certainly keep me on my toes.  I try to encourage the students to engage in philosophical thinking and discussion (e.g. to question everything and take nothing for granted, to be aware of what is fair or unfair) - whenever the opportunity arises. 

Kath Culverwell

Teaching Assistant

I am a teaching assistant in Larches and also support at Holloway Farm. I have worked at Round Oak School for almost twenty five years, the latter eight years in sixth form. I help run an after school sports club on Thursdays giving access to a variety of sports activities for students throughout the school.

Anne Edwards

Teaching Assistant

I have worked in schools as a T.A. for around 20 years.  Bringing my experience and transferable skills from the art and design world with me.

I worked in mainstream schools for fifteen years and the last four years at Round Oak School . Where I have enjoyed my time based in KS4 nurturing classes.

I am trained to work with a variety of needs including  PMLD ,physical disabilities , autism and learning difficulties.  I have completed courses in team teach, used to deescalate emotional behaviour and first aid for schools.

I am trained as a life saver in hydro therapy lessons and assist in physio sessions using the Supine Stander.

This year I have been delivering speech and language support to a group of students in my class.

During lunchtime break I enjoy running  art and craft clubs for the students.

Chris Foxall

Teacher - Pines

I am pines tutor.  I have been a teacher for 16 years, 12 of which have been in special education.  I have taught in a variety of different shools across the Midlands.  My subject specialism is Science.


Shelley Rule

Head Teacher Support

I manage the head teachers work load and keep all school policies up to date.  I arrange meetings and manage the timetable.  You will also see me in and out of reception.  I also make sure that any external staff are vetted.

Julie Godfrey

Teaching Assistant

My name is Julie Godfrey.  I am an English graduate and have been employed as a teaching assistant at Round Oak School since 2006.  I also work for the school support service, supporting SEN pupils in mainstream settings.  I have worked across the key stages, but currently work in Key Stage 4.

Meenu Gupta

Teaching Assistant

My name is Meenu Gupta and I am a TA3.  I am in charge of looking after the Food Technology room. I have a passion for Numeracy and Cooking and this is reflected in lessons.

Robyn Hall

Teaching Assistant

My name is Robyn Hall, a TA3 in a year 9 class.  I'm qualified as a primary school teacher.  I have the abillty to support students in our school gym and teach rebound therapy on either our indoor or outdoor trampolines.

Jamie Hammersley

Teacher - Poplars

Hi everybody! I am the teacher in Poplars class which is the Upper School Total Communications Group. Poplars is a really nice and calm classroom with pupils aged 13-17 years old! As a PE Teacher I also teach PE to Key Stage 4 pupils on Tuesdays in which we do lots of different and exciting sports and activities that Round Oak offer.

 I look forward to seeing you if you visit Round Oak - make sure you say hello!

Neville Henderson

Teaching Assistant

A teaching assistant working in a number of classes across the school.  Also helping in the science department as a technician.

Cherrie Hewitt

Teaching Assistant

My name is Cherrie Hewitt I am currently working in Cedars as a TA3 which is the social and communication class. I have been working within special needs for approximately 15 years plus. Over the years I have received a variety of training, which in turn has enabled me to achieve the best outcome for the educational needs for the students at Round oak School. I hope to continue working at Round oak school for many years to come.

Rachel Hollyoake

Teaching Assistant

My name is Rachel Hollyoake. I am a TA2 in Cedars Class. I have worked at Round Oak School for 4 years, but before that I worked in Adult health services for 10 years. I enjoy working in a Social and Communication class, as I find that even the small achievements can be so rewarding for the pupils. Throughout my career, I have attended many training courses to enable me to carry out my job to the best of my ability, therefore ensuring the well being of all the pupils that I work with, so they can achieve all that they are inspire to do.

Bev Hotson

School Dog Handler

 I am the School Dog Instructor and I handle and train the School Dog, Bertie. I have been at Round Oak since September 2014 and am based in the Sports Hub.  I qualified as a Nursery Nurse in 1991 and have worked in a variety of settings including Special Care Baby Unit, Children’s Centre’s , Family Support and Child Protection.  I have trained dogs for over 20 years at my local dog club and have two rescue dogs myself who I love spending time with.

Sarah Johnson

Teacher - Lindens

My name is Sarah Johnson.  I joined Round Oak as Head of English after Easter 2015 and teach English mainly to Key Stage 4 students.  I also teach BTEC Performing Arts as part of the Vocational Studies programme.  I currently am class teacher for Lindens, a year 11 class. 

Jane Justice

Teaching Assistant

Hello, my name is Jane Justice and I have worked at Round Oak School since 2004. I am a TA3 and have worked in KS3 and KS4 and look forward to working in 6th form next year.  I am also the Chair of the P.T.F.A. which is now a registered charity. I help to organise the Summer and Christmas Fairs.  I have served on the Governing body since 2003 and I am currently a Staff Governor.  I am very proud to have had the vision for setting up Holloway Farm.

Stella Kent

Teacher - Sherwood

I am the class teacher in Sherwood, a class for students with Profound and Multiple learning difficulties. I specialise in communication and sensory needs. I have worked in special education since 1998 and am immensely proud of all the students and their achievements whilst they are with us at Round Oak school.

Jayne Lee

Teaching Assistant

Hi my name is Jayne Lee (often the students and staff put both my names together!), I am a NNEB Nursery Nurse and worked at Ridgeway School and then moved to Round Oak School when the two schools merged. I have worked across the school in all key stage areas.

Maria Mainwaring

Teacher - Head of 6th Form

My name is Maria Mainwaring and I’m Head of 6th Form at Round Oak School. I have been in education for over fifteen years. During this time I have taught Art and English but the majority of the time has been spent within Vocational Education, Enterprise, Career and Work Experience for Key Stage 4 and 5.

Dawn Mason

Teaching Assistant

I am a teaching assistant and work in Sherwood Class. I am very proud & privileged to work in a class where we enrich the students learning through a sensory curriculum. I am also responsible for manual handling and Forest School Leader.

Liz Meek

Teaching Assistant

My name is Liz Meek and I have worked with students with special needs for 17 years.  I have worked at Round Oak School for the last 14 years as a teaching assistant, firstly within Key Stage 3 and more lately moving into Key Stage 4.


Mahinder Matharu

Teaching Assistant

My name is Mahinder Matharu.  I have worked at Round Oak School as a TA for sixteen years supporting students from year 7 to sixth form.  I speak various asian languages and can support students and families who have English as an additional language.  Recently I have supported students in lower school, both with individual speech therapy programmes and in class with behaviour and learning difficulties.


Jackie Owen

Teaching Assistant

I am a Teaching assistant level 2 in Poplars Class. Here I help maintain a structured environment using visuals, schedules and routine.  Each student has their own work station which helps minimise distractions.  we use the T.E.A.C.C.H. approach to learning and I completed a course on this in June 2015.   This method has been designed for students with social and communication difficulties and focuses on breaking activities down into small stages  with schedules and sequences.  We also incorporate activities that fulfil the individual sensory needs of some of our students. 

John Owens

Teacher - Elms

I am a teacher, currently working in sixth form. My subject specialism is History and other areas of interest include football and drama. I also help run the Round Oak School Council and would like to raise the profile of Citizenship by encouraging pupils to vote in the Warwickshire Youth Parliament elections and other similar events. 

Margaret Price

Class teacher of Larches in sixth form and Team leader at Holloway Farm.

I have worked at Round Oak School for eight years across the key stages. I now specialise in vocational teaching and learning in sixth form. I teach Horticulture, Functional Skills and Personal Social Development all through the medium of the farm and a selection of charitable projects such as the Warwick and Leamington Foodbank and Operation Christmas Child.

Kam Randhawa

Teacher - Chestnuts

I am a key stage 4 teacher and also the lead on Behaviour and Attendance in the school. I have been part of the Support Service providing guidance to mainstream schools on supporting children with additional needs. I have taught in a range of classes at Round Oak and supported students with a variety of needs. I am a member of the school’s Health and Wellbeing Board and see the well being of all at Round Oak as incredibly important.  I also am a Team Teach Tutor. As a tutor, I train schools in Warwickshire and provide them with holistic behaviour management support.

I am very proud to be part of the Round Oak community.

Samantha Raybould

Administration Sports College

I am the Sports Hub Clerk and am involved in school trips, after school clubs, PE options and supporting the PE staff.  I have been at Round Oak School since May 2012 and love being a part of Round Oak School.  I have four children and enjoy spending my time with them having fun and making mischief.

Karen Jenkins

Teaching Assistant

My name is Karen Jenkins.  I have worked at Round Oak School for 13 years.  I have worked in all areas of the school as a TA2 and now as a TA3.

Phil Sower

Teacher - Sycamores

My name is Phil Sower and I trained in PE Bsc hons in sports studies and special needs.  I completed my PGCE in secondary PE

and also qualified to coach in basketball, trampolining, gymnastics, athletics, volleyball, rugby, JSLA leader, CSLA leader, badminton,  FA leaders.  I have been teaching for 10 years, PE and other subjects at round oak for 4 1\2 years.  I also run the fishing club and basketball lunch time clubs.

I am the teacher of sycamores and enjoy seeing pupils achieve in sport.  My hobbies are mostly sport!  surfing, basketball, mountain biking, fishing,  running and  building bikes

Currently I play basketball for the rebels in the Warwickshire league.

Nikki Welby

Teaching Assistant

I am a teaching assistant at Round Oak.  I am a 'Team Teach' tutor for Warwickshire and deliver 'Team Teach' training across the county to a range of schools.  Team Teach is something that Round Oak endorse, recognising that every young person is valued, treated fairly and given the best possible opportunities.


Heather Welch

Teaching Assistant

I am a teaching assistant in Sherwood class. I have been at the school for nearly 10 years.

In our class we promote Makaton & picture exchange communication.  I am Sherbourne trained to deliver a relaxation therapy to our students. I am carrying out a rebound course soon where I will then be able to deliver a trampolining therapy to our students  in the  new term. I am trained to administer medication to our students if they need it. The school is a heart warming place to work & be part of. The students make me proud of all the things they do & achieve.

Marion Wood

Teaching Assistant

I am a teaching assistant in Larches and at Holloway Farm. I have worked at Round oak for over ten years across the key stages. I help run the Friday after school Judo club with Dave Nicolls and work with many of our students out of school through ILeap. ILeap is a charitable organisation, which offers leisure opportunities for people with additional needs and their families.

Sima Jain

Teacher - Cedars

Hi my name is Sima Jain and I am the class teacher for Cedars and I am also the PSHE Coordinator. 

Cedars is the Lower/Middle School Social and Communication Group.

I have been at Round Oak for the past 3 years working with our severly autistic students. I have delivered a personalised curriculum which meets their sensory diet and behaviourial needs too.

I have a strong passion for special educational needs on both a personal and professional level.

Sue Vick

Careers Advisor

Hello my name is Sue Vick and I am the Careers Adviser here at Round Oak School.   My role is to support students (and parents/carers) with transition; this may be in to an apprenticeship or internship, further education, employment or a more individualised programme.  As part of the careers programme I meet with students individually, at their annual reviews and in careers lessons.  I also arrange transition events in school as well as visits to colleges and local employers.  In Year 10 I also support students with accessing work experience.  On a Thursday I help with the after school horse-riding club at Radway Riding School which is brilliant as I love horses and it is a real pleasure watching our students as they develop their riding skills and grow in confidence .I am lucky enough to work in a role that I love with fantastic students.   

Lisa Morgan

Data Manager

My Name is Lisa Morgan. I have worked at Round Oak School for eight years.  I have been in my current role since January 2013.  Prior to this I was a Teaching Assistant for five years. I have been on many training courses both educational and administrative.  I have achieved many qualifications over the years.  I am also a designated First Aider for the school.

Diana Shirley

My name is Diana Shirley. I have worked in special needs for 27 years, 8 years in Primary schools and 12 years in Secondary schools. I then worked for Round Oak School Support Service for 3 years before joining the school as a TA3.


Amanda Onions

Job Coach

I am currently a job coach at National Grid Headquarters with the EmployAbilty, Let’s Work Together supported internship. This is a brilliant opportunity for some Round Oak students to make a transition in to the world of work. I have worked for the school for 31 years, I was a TA with responsibility for work experience. I have worked my way around all the ages finally finishing with the eldest students which I really enjoy.

Seema Sharma

Teaching Assistant

Nicola Salter

Teaching Assistant

Rose Duxbury

Teaching Assistant

Sarah Hopwood

Teaching Assistant

Mary Pinder

Forest School

Nazia Aslam

Teaching Assistant

I am a teaching assistant at Round Oak School and currently work in Key stage 4. I really enjoy working with the students and helping them develop their skills and making sure they achieve the best in themselves. This is the 3rd year at Round Oak and seeing the students doing well makes me feel very proud working here.

Jo Cook

Teaching Assistant

Gail Guerney

Teaching Assistant

Justine Reeves

Teaching Assistant

Steve Dade

Teaching Assistant

David Parker

Teacher - Computing

Rachel Siddiqui

School Nurse

Hi, I am Rachael, the School Nurse at Round Oak since September this year. 

I have over 12 years experience, working in the NHS, with children, mainly adolescents, in the acute hospital setting and within the emergency department as a specialist Paediatric Nurse.

My role at Round Oak includes the co-ordination of health care needs of students in the school. For example: epilepsy, asthma, anaphylaxis and a range of children with complex health needs and syndromes. In addition to this I ensure medication is prescribed and administered as per protocol.

I aim to work in conjunction with parents, carers, teaching staff, students and the multidisciplinary team (physiotherapists, dietitian, immunisation team, Paediatricians and occupational health), either in groups or an individual basis.

A large part of my role is that of teaching staff, parents/carers and student, and so I am available to give training and knowledge where and when required.

Anne Jones


Jackie Mould

Teaching Assistant - Support Service

Claire Mabbett

Admin Assistant

Les Woollard

Finance Officer

Natalie Merrick


Sue Baigent

Teacher - Support Service

Diane Brown

Teacher - Support Service

Tracy Powles