Work Placement


Approximately 6% of people with a learning disability known to social care are in paid employment despite more than 60% wanting to and being able to work.  At Round Oak School we want to support a change in these statistics and give our students the skills, qualities and opportunities they need to enable them to find paid employment in the future. 


In year 10 students have the opportunity to access a two week work experience programme individually tailored to their needs.  Students are either placed with local employers or school based exploring the world of work.  In year 11 a small number of students continue to access extended work experience. 


In the sixth form we work with students to identify their aspirations and organise placements, where possible, geared toward their career interest.  Work experience is extremely important in helping our students build their confidence, self-belief and equipping them as fully as possible for future employment.


We currently have students from year 11 and the sixth form placed in extended work experience placements in IT, retail, recycling, construction, horticulture, catering and education.


Last year one of our students placed in work experience was successful in securing full time paid employment from their placement.  Warwickshire County Council has a vision that we fully agree with.


Our Vision


Every child and young person in Warwickshire will: 


  • Attend a good or outstanding school or setting;

  • Achieve well whatever their starting point or circumstances; and

  • Go on to positive destinations


If you would like further information about our work experience programme please contact Sue Vick, Careers Adviser on 01926 423311 or


We would be delighted to speak to employers who feel they could offer one of our fantastic students a work experience placement.