School Response to Coronavirus

These pages draw together all the strands of information concerning the school and our response to the coronavirus outbreak.  You'll find the PDF documents at the foot of the page.  There are sub-pages that provide work packs to download to help with school work and a page of things to do, with our top picks, activities, timetables and lots of links for fun things while students are at home.  You can also click on the Things to do and Student Work Packs sections under School Response to Coronavirus in the panel on the left.


  • Letter from Judith asking Parents and Carers to contact her concerning some details to help plan how we return to school


  • Letter from Judith with some advice on how to help your child while at home.  See the letter in the list of files below.


  • Judith's Friday Flyer.  Round Oak School will close after Friday 03-Apr for the two week Easter break and re-open on Monday 20-Apr.  At the moment it is not clear whether this is fully open to all students or whether the current restrictions on student attendance will still apply.  See Judith's Friday Flyer below for more details. 


  • Letter from Judith explaining a risk assessment has been carried out for all pupils.  School will be closed on Tuesday 24-Mar and re-opened on Wednesday 25-Mar only for pupils where parents are both key workers or they are a single parent family and that parent is a key worker.  Please see the letter below for full details.



  • Judith's Friday Flyer including information about school provision for vulnerable children and children of key workers.




  • Letter from Judith explaining the school's current understanding of Government and LA guidance, particualrly concerning SEN schools.


  • Letter from Judith explaining the school's current understanding of Government guidance.