SEN Information Report


Round Oak School Special Education Needs (SEN) Information Report 18-19


What types of SEN do we provide for?


Round Oak School provides for students with a spectrum of needs ranging from Moderate Learning Difficulties, Severe Learning Difficulties, Profound Multiple Learning Difficulties, Sensory Impairment, communication disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder and associated complexity of need.

What is our approach to teaching pupils with SEN? 


Our approach to teaching pupils with SEN is varied and designed to meet the needs of the individual. Teaching is carried out by the following methods:

  • In small groups.
  • Whole class lessons.
  • Individual sessions.
  • Interventions.
  • With specialist input – vision, hearing, mobility.
  • TEACCH methods.
  • Communicating using picture exchanges.

How do we adapt the curriculum and learning environment?



The curriculum is adapted so that:

  • It is delivered in small chunks.
  • It is adapted for individual participation.
  • Use of IT and specialist equipment is in place.
  • An extensive enrichment programme is in place.
  • There is a clear pathway from entry in to exit.

The learning environment is adapted so that:

  • Classrooms have been altered to suit a range of needs.
  • Four classrooms have been designed around the needs of students with a range of communication and sensory difficulties.
  • A quiet dining room has been created for students with sensory difficulties.
  • There is an advantageous pupil to staff ratio.
How do we enable pupils with SEN to engage in activities with other pupils who do not have SEN?  
  • There are ranges of opportunities available including after school clubs.
  • Curriculum opportunities such as science and engineering week.
  • Community education programs, going out and meeting the community in practical activities such as shopping.
  • Work experience.
  • During Fab Fridays in drama using the facilities of local schools.

How do we consult parents of pupils with SEN and involve them in their child’s education?


We consult parents of pupils with SEN and involve them in their child’s education by providing the following:

  • A full programme of ‘Parents Afternoons’ and ‘Coffee Mornings’ throughout the year.
  • A Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) which we actively invite parents to join.
  • One to one consultations with all levels of staff at any time.
  • Annual Reviews and EHCP meetings which involve all relevant professionals and parents. 
  • We write diaries home for pupils where appropriate every day.
  • We have a full time pastoral lead who is in constant communication with families.
  • Every term parents have their child’s passport reviewed and sent home with updates of their learning towards EHCP targets.
  • Reports are written at the end of the school year.

How do we consult pupils with SEN and involve them in their education?



Consultation with pupils to involve them in their education is done in a number of ways including;

  • Their opinions are sought prior to their Annual Review or EHCP meeting.
  • Through being involved in our School Council.
  • By conducting student surveys.
  • By asking pupils to self-review their Individual Learning Plan (IEP).
  • In every lesson where they review their learning.

How do we assess and review pupils’ progress towards their outcomes?


Assessments are carried out through;

  • All class teaching.
  • Formal assessments.
  • Pupil Passport monitoring.
  • Year end reporting.

We use a system called SOLAR to help track and monitor pupil progress.

Progress is reviewed by:

  • Class teachers.
  • Pupils.
  • Parents.
  • Governors.

It is reported to:

  • Pupils.
  • Parents.
  • Governors.
  • The Local Authority.
  • Necessary agencies.

How do we support pupils moving between different phases of education?


Transition arrangements exist to support pupils to move between all phases of their education.

We support pupils move from primary to secondary school with:

  • Parent and/ or pupil visits.
  • Staff visits to primary feeder schools.
  • Pupil visits to school ranging from a few hours to a day.
  • The Head of Department attending the final Annual Review at the feeder school.
  • Invitations to curriculum opportunities.
  • A timetable of transition visits.
  • A ‘Parents Afternoon’ for pupils and parents.
  • A ‘Moving Up’ day.

We support pupils move from secondary school to college with:

  • All of the above.
  • Taster sessions at college.
  • Having a full time careers advisor working on the staff team;liasing with students and carers and future placements, working to get more dynamic opportunities for our students and arranging relevant work experiences.

We support pupils joining mid-year with:

  • Part time placements.
  • Parent and pupil visits to the school.
  • Visits to the student in their current placement.

We support pupils transferring between classes and key stages with:

  • A ‘Moving Up’ day.
  • Informal opportunities.
  • Transition conversations between professionals.

How do we support pupils preparing for adulthood?


We support pupils preparing for adulthood with:

  • Work placements.
  • Appropriate accreditation opportunities.
  • Life skills programmes.
  • Travel Training.
  • Supported internships with local employers.
  • Micro business opportunities developed in school.

How do we support pupils with SEN to improve their emotional and social development? 


We support pupils with SEN to improve their emotional and social development through;

  • The curriculum as a whole.
  • The PSHE curriculum.
  • Delivering skills in a functional way throughout the curriculum
  • Music of Life and other enrichment activities.
  • Small group work.
  • Individual intervention strategies.
  • Providing a School Counsellor.
  • A ‘Bully Box’ and ‘Bully Buster’.
  • Playground Guardians and Prefect system.
  • The provision of our Pastoral Hub.
  • Additional staff to support students in receipt of Pupil Premium.
  • Our School Council.
  • Student questionnaires.

What expertise and training do our staff have to support pupils with SEN?


Round Oak School has very experienced and well trained staff. We have undertaken all statutory training and refresher courses. Training is undertaken to enhance our provision and is often cascaded through each department so that all benefit. Titles of compulsory and additional training include;

  • Teach Teach.
  • Safeguarding/prevent/FGM
  • Specific medical interventions/ administration.
  • Dysphagia training.
  • Teaching Assistants are all qualified to Level 2 minimum.
  • Moving and Handling training for all staff as appropriate.
  • TSI Training.
  • Literacy/ Speech and Language including Makaton.
  • First Aid.
  • EVC

How will we secure specialist expertise?

  • We are working with local colleges to offer placements to Level 2/3 students to gain expertise in our area
  • We are working with other special schools to develop high quality teachers and teaching assistants
How will we secure equipment and facilities to support pupils with SEN?  

Round Oak School is a purpose-built school with a range of specialist rooms and equipment suitable for students with a range of needs:

  • We have a pool on site to accommodate hydrotherapy sessions.
  • Our school has been proactive in modifying the school to fit the changing needs of the pupil population. We have modified two class rooms to provide low stimulating environments and provided a quiet dining room.
  • We continuously liaise with a range of agencies and therapists to ensure specialist input.

How do we involve other organisations in meeting the needs of pupils with SEN and supporting their families?


We involve other organisations to meet the needs of our pupils and support their families by:

  • Inviting associated professionals to a pupil’s Annual Review, Child In Need or EHCP meeting.
  • Communicating effectively with transport providers.
  • Liaising with external agencies and professionals, in line with GDPR legislation, to ensure the best support for a pupil.
  • Hosting 'Coffee Mornings’ for parents and carers with guests connected with health and social care.
  • Holding regular Governor meetings to share information and discuss matters on how best to support our pupils.
  • Actively managing a Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA) with regular meetings.
  • Inviting external visitors into school for curriculum enrichment.
  • Establishing and maintaining links with charities and respite providers.

How do we evaluate the effectiveness of our SEN provision?


We evaluate the effectiveness of our SEN provision through:

  • Pupil progress records.
  • Assessment data.
  • Classroom observations.
  • Analysis of attendance data.
  • Analysis of significant incident data.
  • Pupil comments.
  • Parental comments.
  • Governor visits and feedback.

How do we handle complaints from parents of children with SEN about the provision made at school?


All complaints from parents and carers are handled by the Head Teacher. If the complaint is unsolved at this level, the parent/ carer is advised to contact the Chair of Governors. If necessary, the complaint can escalate to mediation.

The complaints procedure is outlined in our Complaints Policy.

Who can young people and parents contact if they have concerns?


Parents can contact;

  • Class teacher
  • Assistant Head of Pastoral Care
  • Careers and Work Experience Co-ordinator
  • SLT
What support services are available to parents?  

Round Oak School offers a range of support services onsite, all of which are available to parents/ carers to communicate with. These services include:

  • Physiotherapy.
  • School Counsellor.
  • School Nurse.
  • Career Advisor.
  • Job Coaches.
  • Autism support.

Additional support services available to parents and carers include:

  • Occupational Health.
  • School Educational Psychologist.
Where can the LA’s local offer be found?  

The Local Offer for SEND brings together information about education, health and care services for children and young people from 0 to 25 with special educational needs and disabilities. The SEND Local Offer is published at





Contact details of support services for parents of pupils with SEN

ILEAP Warwickshire – 01789 26064 -  24 hour answerphone

Warwickshire Education Portal – 01926 412210

Take a Break Warwickshire – 02476644909 - 02476385888 –

PHAB youth club –

SENDIAS - 02476366054

Warwickshire welfare rights - 02476372069

Warwickshire family information service - 08450908044

Help with the EHCP process – Core Assetts - 01527556480

 ENTRUST Partnership – 07721198122

 Young Carers Project - 02476217740


Named contacts within the school for students or parents with concerns

If you have concerns around any of the provision at Round Oak please e mail or telephone the Head Teacher


The schools contribution to the local offer and where the LA offer is published

The Local Offer has been written in consultation of all relevant parties and appears on the Local Authority website