Documents, Forms and Letters-to-Home

Here are copies of documents, forms and letters we send home to Parents and Carers.  This page lists the items we have sent and you can find copies of the documents at the bottom of the page:

 Academic Year 2018-2019


  • To see what the SEND and Inclusion Strategy Pupil's Survey looks like, see the document below.
  • Letter to Parents and Carers asking permission for pupil's to complete the survey for the Local Authority's SEND and Inclusion Strategy.


  • Christmas dinner letter, with tear-off strip for student's menu choice


  • We have reviewed our Bad Weather Procedure and it is unchanged from last year


Academic Year 2017-2018


  • Here is our Self Evaluation Form executive summary from the school's Senior Leadership Team.


  • Our Core Bristish Values document, explaining how we reinforce these values in our school life.


  • Letter about the proposal for a new Admissions Policy.
  • Proposed new Admissions Policy.


  • Bad Weather Procedure