Ofsted Reports

Round Oak School's most recent Ofsted report [Sept 2018] said that Round Oak is a good school.  It particularly highlighted the school leadership,


"The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. Pupils are happy and make strong progress. You and your staff have created an ethos of purpose, care and dedication to pupils."




"[The] leadership is imaginative and focused on making sure that pupils are well prepared for life when they leave school"


The report went on to describe the behaviour of students,


"Throughout the inspection, in every lesson and social time, we saw pupils respecting each other and staff. Pupils are polite, courteous and hard-working."


and the skill of the staff,


"The atmosphere of the school is purposeful, orderly and calm because staff are highly skilled at managing pupils’ behaviour."


 The school is in good hands,


"The governing body is a strength of the school. Governors are well trained in how to track the progress of pupils who have special education needs... Governors scrupulously monitor leaders’ arrangements for keeping pupils safe."  and  "The local authority has confidence in your safeguarding arrangements."


 and consequently the students do well.


"This year almost all pupils will complete Functional Skills courses in English, mathematics and information technology. Staff help pupils choose from a range of high-quality accreditations, including Entry Levels up to and including level 2 in BTECs, the Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network (ASDAN) course, science and humanities. As a result, pupils are well challenged and are motivated to succeed"



You can access all of our Ofsted reports from this link to the Ofsted site. For the most recent report you can download the PDF below.


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