Pupil Premium Impact

Use of Pupil Premium and its impact

Round Oak School allocates its pupil premium to all students eligible according to its policy.  The major focus of the money is giving students the life chances that they would not normally have due to financial constraints within the family.

The fund supports additional staffing to ensure parents are supported and have a key member of staff for information and guidance.

Main barriers to educational achievement.

* Low income benefit dependent families 

* Low aspiration

* Special educational needs

* Low self esteem

* Low self confidence

The Family Liaison Officer works proactively to offer support even if it hasn’t been requested.  She supports parents to access school functions such as transition events and coffee mornings, assists in the completion of paperwork, obtaining benefits advice and completes applications for additional funding from voluntary bodies such as charities for individual pieces of equipment for the home.

The Pupil Support Officer’s prime role is to ensure that all students have the opportunities they need to make a smooth transition not to become NEETS. She offers careers advice and guidance, attends all annual reviews of Pupil Premium students and works closely with the Family Liaison Officer to ensure continuity of provision.

Teaching Assistant time is used to support all students in class rooms giving a high level of support

The School Nurse keeps an overview of Pupil Premium students and ensures regular contact with them and/or their families. 

Residential trips and after school clubs are part of the core of Round Oak School.  We believe that these activities develop very important aspects of PSD, self confidence and raises self esteem.  We believe that every student, irrespective of their background, should be able to have these opportunities and pupil premium helps us to achieve this.  The benefit of these activities can be widely seen across the school.  Barriers to transportation home from clubs has traditional been a barrier to accessing after school activities.  With the aid of Pupil Premium we have been able to transport six students home who would not normally be able to take part. 


Pupil Progress

There is no gap between Students in receipt of Pupil premium and other non PP students (for last 4 years)

We judge this as outstanding as the progress across the curriculum of disadvantaged students, disabled students and those with special educational needs currently on roll matches or is improving towards that of other students with the same starting points.