Pupil Premium 2017-18

Pupil Premium Objectives for 2017-18

These objectives are taken from Appendix 1 of the Pupil Premium Policy, revised Jan 2018 which is available as a download below.

  • To continue to focus on improving pupils' attainment (Measured on KS4 qualification outcomes and expected progress)
  • To continue to improve parental links therefore enhancing parental understanding of the curriculum and interventions offered and maximise opportunities for out of school learning.
  • To maintain the more structured approach to interventions to support pupils' Social and Communication Skills.
  • To continue to support pupils' wider development across the school- the aim being to ensure that all individual support given is effective and allows pupils to access their learning.
  • To continue to improve links with other schools in the local area as a way of sharing good practice
  • To continue to promote the use of pupil friendly resources to ensure the learning environment is accessible for all pupils.
  • To continue to make appropriate timetable adjustments to ensure that all disadvantaged pupils can continue to access a relevant and challenging curriculum.
  • To further enhance the role of the teaching assistants across the school to ensure best practice is maintained across classes to ensure the pupils have access to the most effective support.

Pupil Premium Grant Spending Action Plan 2017-18

The table below shows the Pupil Premium allocation for 2017-18:


The table below shows the projected spend per pupil receiving the grant for Free School Meals:


The table below shows the projected spend per pupil receiving the grant for Children Looked After: