Contributions for school activities


Will my child need to pay for anything at school?

All education provided by Round Oak school is free.   Charges are not made for any area of the curriculum or activity during school hours.  However, the following exceptions apply:

  1.         Pupils who make items in school either in Technology, including Food Technology, or Heavy Crafts may be asked to contribute towards the costs of the raw materials if they wish to take them home.

  2.         Where activities take place outside the “school day” or at weekends charges can be made not exceeding the cost of the activity.

  3.         Where pupils are offered a residential experience full board and lodgings shall be charged to the pupils.

Occasionally the school may write to ask parents to make a voluntary contribution towards an additional school activity.  These contributions are very gratefully received.

If parents have any problem with making contributions please contact the Class Teacher in the first instance.

Educational Visits

Educational visits are a very important part of the curriculum for every child at Round Oak School.  Local visits may be made on foot or in the school mini bus.  Such visits include swimming, visits to the library, local museums and country parks.  As these visits are part of our regular curriculum we do not seek parental consent on every occasion.  For trips outside of Warwickshire and those requiring late return, separate consent is always sought.


The Local Authority’s insurance policy covers accidents to pupils arising out of negligence or faulty equipment.  In addition parents may wish to take out further insurance for their children.

Equal Opportunities

The Governors and staff of the school believe in the equal value of all people.  We recognise our responsibility to work towards combating all forms of discrimination on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, religion, ability, social background and sexual orientation.  We respect and value difference.

Multi-cultural Education

Our policy for multi-cultural education is to encourage and develop a positive self image for all our children, as well as the cultures and customs of others.  We encourage our children to develop a positive understanding of the world in which they live.  Teachers will plan for children to have opportunities and experiences in which all people can be observed in a wide range of positive contexts.

School Premium

At Round Oak School pupil premium is used to enhance levels of staffing to give each eligible student access to a mentor.  This person aims to see each eligible student once each half term and be available for additional consultation when students request it.