Health and Wellbeing

Round Oak School is proud to be a Youth Sport Trust Lead Health and Wellbeing School. Several years ago we successfully applied for the Youth Sport Trust Gold Mark award. This award was given to us as a result of all the high quality sporting opportunities that are accessed by our students. As a Gold Mark School the Youth Sport Trust approached me to take on an additional role. As a result, we have become a Lead Health and Wellbeing School and have been given a number of deliverables to achieve over the year.

Round Oak Health and Wellbeing Board

After Christmas 2014 I set up our Health and Wellbeing Board. It comprises of myself, Sue Backhouse, Assistant Head for Enrichment, three teachers including Maxine Leonard – Head of Lower School, Maria Mainwaring – Head of Upper School and Kam Randhawa – Lead on Behaviour, Val Mobberley - Vice Chair of the Governors, Lorraine Tooker - School Nurse, Anne Jones - School Counsellor, Bev Hotson - School Dog Handler, Fiona Hendry and Kate Davies - parents and finally three students from across the school.

We have had two meetings this term and this has enabled me to update the Board on our deliverables, our achievements so far and planned projects. It is wonderful to have such a committed group of people on the Board and I am in no doubt that many additional opportunities will come about as a result of this group.

Projects that we are currently involved in are Magic Breakfast which offers free breakfast to all students who would like to have breakfast on arrival at school, Dogs for the Disabled Pilot Project which is a three year project and has resulted in our School Dog Handler, Bev and our School Dog, Bertie working with groups of students and individuals, Music of Life is a charity that are coaching our students to sing both as a choir of fifty and for four pupils on a one to one basis.

In addition to the above, we have developed wide range of extra curricular clubs both at lunchtime and after school. Details of these can be found under ‘Sport Clubs’. Curriculum time PE in KS4 and 5 offers a huge range of activities both onsite and offsite and students can choose the sport that most appeals to them. Enjoyment of sport is paramount at school if we are to enable them to continue to engage in sport for life.
Future projects include a Healthy Active Lifestyles programme for selected students. This will run for 10 weeks over next term. An Open Day aimed primarily at Year 6 to aid transition and a Girls Active project which will target girls’ engagement in sport.

These are exciting times at Round Oak and with the collaboration of the Health and Wellbeing Board, The Youth Sport Trust, Public Health Warwick and a huge variety of National Governing Bodies and local sports clubs, we are committed to providing the best environment that we can so that your child can enjoy good health and wellbeing throughout their time at Round Oak and in the years ahead.

Sue Backhouse