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Our School Dog 

In September 2014 we welcomed our School Dog, Bertie and his specialist handler, Bev to Roundoak.  Bev and Bertie have been specially-trained by charity Dogs for Good to work closely with our teachers, therapists and health professionals at the school thereby helping students to get the most of their time with us. 

Dogs for Good has over 25 years in training dogs to help physically disabled children and adults through assistance dogs. For the last 10 years the charity has been working to support children with autism through assistance dogs and well-trained pet dogs. Through these experiences the charity is now exploring how trained dogs working alongside a professional handler can bring benefits to children and adults in community settings.  

Chocolate Labrador Bertie has been specially selected by Dogs for Good for his calm and sociable character as well as his willingness to learn, he was the first dog trained by the charity as part of their School Dog project which will run initially for three years.  For Bev, her role as School Dog Instructor perfectly combines her experience as a Family Support Worker together with her passion for dogs. 

Unsurprisingly, Bertie has quickly become a much-loved member of our community and a familiar sight around the school.  With Bev always by his side, the pair work in partnership with our staff and students on particular goals: from working with a whole class to assisting individual students to overcome specific challenges, these can range with anything from helping to read, therapy sessions or taking part in classroom activities. 

Bertie’s presence in school has already resulted in some great outcomes.  In partnership with Bev they are playing a huge role in helping a number of particularly anxious students to better cope in the classroom and engage with other activities, including helping children overcome some of their fears.  In groups, we have seen a magnificent impact on students’ personal and social skills as they worked cohesively to welcome Bertie into class using an agreed code of conduct.

The potential is amazing and I look forward to seeing how Bertie’s presence will positively impact across the school. 

Please click the link below to view the video on the Round Oak School and Dogs for Good liason.

Dogs for Good Round Oak Bertie Video



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