Key Stage 3 Curriculum

A Big Question Curriculum for ‘Routes to Adulthood’ Key Stage 3

We have a very exciting and engaging curriculum at Round Oak. The curriculum is the foundation on which all learning is built. Our ‘Routes to Adulthood’ curriculum is designed to help the children connect all aspects of their learning underpinned by the ‘Resilient Classroom’ curriculum. Through investigative and practical learning we allow the students to apply transferable skills across curriculum areas.


Curriculum Ethos

The basis is a series of ‘Routes to Adulthood’ questions which are designed to provide students with a platform to develop and grow from individual starting points. Although curriculum areas are promoted each half term, the breadth of delivery is still maintained across the academic year. Real-life learning is a key to success for our pupils, allowing them to grow in confidence and rehearse skills for later life. Across the Key Stage, the questions are consistent each year.



Teachers plan together, sharing responsibility for mapping the curriculum across the Key Stage, using their excellent knowledge of the pupil’s strengths and skills, as well as their understanding of how student’s learning progresses. The timetable reflects individual subjects and make sure the students understand what it is to be a historian, an artist, a writer and so on. We assess pupils through individual routes according to pupil’s learning levels, shaping lessons to provide relevant challenge and support.



The children have a programme of activities, such as assemblies, tutor time as well as some key approaches such as our ‘Resilient Classroom’ curriculum. ‘Fab Fridays’ allow the pupils opportunities to mix across the whole school to learn a variety of subjects and skills whilst still focussing on individual end destinations. The whole curriculum is designed to ensure that all students have opportunities to broaden their understanding of the world, developing confidence and independence, staying safe, and maintain a thirst for learning about the world and their place in it.

We know that our children must be ready for the world beyond school. The ‘Routes to Adulthood’ curriculum is designed as a bridge to the 14 to 19 curriculum, building upon a foundation of learning to experience functional skills as they journey through the school. Our fantastic careers advisor links with parents from year 8 ensuring pupils have smooth transitions to final destinations.


Passports & EHCPs

Annually, EHCPs are reviewed and objectives are written ensuring pupils are making progress towards end of Key Stage targets. At Round Oak School, we have developed a system to share with parents these objectives and the progress pupils are making towards them. These ‘Passports’ are reviewed and shared each term.


Individual Learning Routes

Round Oak offers four learning routes aligned with the needs of the pupils. These consist of MLD, SLD, PMLD and ASC. We recognise the strengths of all of our pupils and the curriculum design has considered the most appropriate approaches to meet the student’s learning styles. PMLD students follow the “PMLD Curriculum” which is tailored around each specific pupil’s holistic needs. The class team work closely with medical professionals and other outside agencies to ensure there is a complete care package in place whilst engaging and motivating pupils to learn. The ASC curriculum is sensory based and has communication at its heart. Staff work closely with the Speech and Language therapist in order to reduce barriers to learning. The ASC curriculum is assessed through AET and offers pupils opportunities to extend a range of skills vital to learning. The MLD and SLD curriculum is well differentiated and enhances pupil’s opportunities to reinforce learning through alternate paths.


Class group arrangements

Not all pupils are taught in year group classes. Years 7, 8 and 9 will explore the same ‘Routes to Adulthood‘ question simultaneously, allowing us to bring together classes in teams. Each ‘Routes to Adulthood‘ question can be explored through a variety of curriculum subjects creating an exciting and linked curriculum. This demonstrates all learning is connected and allows the students to learn to apply their learning across a wide variety of settings. All students benefit from a personalised programme of learning - we look to teach them in the best ways possible, which can sometimes involve being taught specific skills with other year groups for stretch and challenge.

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