Here at Round Oak School our aim is to continue to develop the “whole” student Post 16. It is not just about developing our students’ academic skills and qualifications but also about the transition into employability, adulthood and an increasingly independent life. This is something which we believe in completely and fully encourage and support in all our students. 

Students are given the opportunity to make their own options and choices Post 16 as to what they study.


Employability Curriculum:


  • PSHE

  • Citizenship

  • Careers / World of Work

  • Work experience                                     

  • Art

  • Design and Technology

  • Environmental Studies

  • Careers/Employability

  • Out in the Community

  • Textiles

  • Sports Fitness

  • Beliefs and Values

  • Cultural Diversity/Languages/Geography

  • Drama

  • Life Skills

  • Catering and Hospitality

  • Horticulture



Offsite provision:

Round Oak School is very proud of the different off site learning opportunities we are able to provide through our rich curriculum. These include:

  • Studying and working at our Holloway Farm site in Barford. (Available to the whole school)

  • Individual work placements which vary depending on the interests and needs of our students (Available from year 10 upwards). Students are supported part time by Round Oak School Job Coaches.

  • Studying and working at National Grid (Warwick) on our Supported Internship programme, Employability, Let's Work Together. (Available at post 16). Students are supported full time by Round Oak School Job Coaches.

  • Employability, Micro Business (Available at post 16). Students are supported full time by Round Oak School Job Coaches.