Core Curriculum

Core Classes



In core school we aim to ensure our students make a smooth transition from primary school and are happy and secure as they begin their secondary school journey. We work closely with feeder primaries, parents and carers to get to know everyone as an individual. Once school places are offered we will make individual visits to their current settings. There then follows a comprehensive, fun centred transition programme involving several short visits culminating in change up day.



Engagement, motivation and thinking skills are at the heart of our curriculum in core school and students are provided with opportunities for play and exploration, being active in their learning along with tasks which will develop creative and critical thinking. Core skills are centre to our young people’s learning and are evident in all subject areas delivered. Students are also introduced to employability through PSHE and also begin to investigate how they can be involved in the local community.

Students are also encouraged to begin thinking about what they aspire to in the future which is discussed at EHCP meetings and supported through use of our student passports.

Core school delivers a curriculum focussing on the acquisition of skills from the national curriculum. This is used in conjunction with our tools for assessment SOLAR and Wilson Stuart P Steps to ensure accurate assessment and differentiation for all our students.


Transition to Accredited Courses

It very much depends on the individual needs of our students as to when they will move onto accredited courses. The step is taken in either year 9 or 10. Students only embark on appropriate qualifications when they are confident and responsible young people, ready to move onto the next step of their journey through Round Oak.