Accredited Curriculum

Accredited Classes


Our aim in accredited classes is to support and facilitate the dreams and aspirations of our individual students. This could be to achieve the qualifications required for college, a work placement/apprenticeship or a residential placement. As well as the educational needs of our students we aim to equip them for life after Round Oak through safeguarding, upskilling them in self-care and promoting self-belief.



Students have the opportunity to access accredited courses from year 9 onwards. Our accredited courses cater for the individual needs of all our students. Courses offered are Functional Skills, OCR Life and Living, BTec, WJEC, ASDAN, Moving On and ArtsAward Bronze and Silver for Art. These courses are delivered in the school, the community and the world of work environments depending on our individuals.

A more personalised curriculum is achieved through work experience, Sport and leisure activities, residential visits, sensory experiences, therapies and involvement from outside agencies. At Round Oak we strongly feel that these opportunities enhance and widen our students experience enabling them to set life goals and have aspirations.

School also offers enrichment classes to broaden our students' knowledge allowing them to learn through different experiences. These enrichment classes include educational trips, choir, physical education, career pathways and computing.  Students make their own choices for PE and can choose from an extensive list on a termly basis. Activities that have been offered in the past include football, ice skating, dance, rock climbing, windsurfing and badminton.

Students are encouraged to think about their future and work with us towards their life goals. Student passports and the annual EHCP also support the students through this process. The further through school our students go the more specialised their individual choices become and their curriculum becomes more unique to them.