14-19 Curriculum

Pathways Curriculum for 14 to 19 – Key Stage 4 and Post 16

The aim of this curriculum is to offer all students a broad, balanced and rich experience which will equip them to succeed in a rapidly changing world.


Curriculum Ethos

Pathways are introduced at Key Stage 4 to ensure that students continue to follow a broad and balanced curriculum that gives a rich experience and is suited to meet their individual needs. Underpinning the structure is the ‘Resilient Classroom’ curriculum which is designed to enhance student’s growth and develop resilience and creativity. It forms a bridge from the ‘Routes’ curriculum to the next stage of their learning journey, whether this is employment, training or post-19 study. To give the greatest chance of success, we offer four pathways which all students follow.

The four pathways we offer are English, Leisure, Horticulture and Enterprise through which we deliver all core subjects of English, Maths, Science and PE. The curriculum design also includes PSHE, Citizenship, Art, RSE, Independent living and transition skills. All subjects are based upon ASDAN units of work and pupils will leave school with nationally recognised qualifications and a portfolio of evidence towards various programmes of study all targeted at their own level. All teaching is functional allowing pupils to interact with their learning in real-life situations. Careful tracking ensures every pupil is achieving their highest potential.
The final year for students is a transition year which is specifically designed to equip pupils to succeed in a range of future destinations. Pupils can access the transition group from Year 12 onwards allowing them to engage further in work related learning skills, equipping them with experience to leave school.



Teachers will work together, sharing responsibility for ensuring the students generate a portfolio of evidence to gain nationally recognised qualifications. They will moderate work across the department, share expertise and use their knowledge of the subjects to ensure each pupil’s learning progresses. The timetable reflects the four pathways and the termly overview reflects where individual subjects are taught. We assess pupils through ASDAN qualifications at individual levels, shaping lessons to provide relevant challenge and support.



The children have a programme of activities, such as assemblies, tutor time as well as some key approaches such as our ‘Resilient Classroom’ curriculum. ‘Fab Fridays’ allow the pupils opportunities to mix across the whole school to learn a variety of subjects and skills whilst still focussing on individual end destinations. The whole curriculum is designed to ensure that all students have opportunities to broaden their understanding of the world, developing confidence and independence, staying safe, and maintain a thirst for learning about the world and their place in it.  We have encouraged students to engage with raising money for other local charities through cake sails, sponsor walks and even a dear devil sky dive!  Students have regularly volunteered to work at a local hospice and support the local community with running a ‘pop up café’ and arranging collection and distribution for the local food bank.

We know that our children must be ready for the world beyond school. Our careers advisor links with parents from year 8 ensuring pupils have smooth transitions to final destinations.


Passports & EHCPs

Annually, EHCPs are reviewed and objectives are written ensuring pupils are making progress towards end of Key Stage targets. At Round Oak School, we have developed a system to share with parents these objectives and the progress pupils are making towards them. These ‘Passports’ are reviewed and shared each term.


Individual Learning Routes

Round Oak offers four learning routes aligned with the needs of the pupils. These consist of MLD, SLD, PMLD and ASC. We recognise the strengths of all of our pupils and the curriculum design has considered the most appropriate approaches to meet the student’s learning styles. PMLD students follow the “PMLD Curriculum” which is tailored around each specific pupil’s holistic needs. The class team work closely with medical professionals and other outside agencies to ensure there is a complete care package in place whilst engaging and motivating pupils to learn. The PMLD curriculum is assessed through ASDAN Personal Progress. The ASC curriculum is sensory based and has communication at its heart. Staff work closely with the Speech and Language therapist in order to reduce barriers to learning. The ASC curriculum is assessed through ASDAN Personal Progress and offers pupils opportunities to extend a range of life skills. The MLD and SLD curriculum offers pupils opportunities to gain nationally recognised qualifications.


Class group arrangements

Not all pupils are taught in year group classes. Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 will experience the same Pathways simultaneously, allowing us to bring together classes in teams. Each Pathway is designed to link the pupil’s learning to real-life experiences at individual levels and create a thirst for learning through to adulthood. All students benefit from a personalised programme of learning - we look to teach them in the best ways possible, which can sometimes involve being taught specific skills with other year groups for stretch and challenge.



We are extremely proud of Round Oak’s employability partnership with National Grid.  We work with students throughout their 14 –19  journey enabling  some students to progress to an internship. National Grid support the school as a whole and are integral to the school’s business enterprise days, where all pathways students have the opportunities to work with and learn from outside professionals who come in and coach/mentor our young people to design a variet of products.  e work with the wider community to engage students with potential employers, some of our greatest successes are working in partnership with Marks and Spencer’s, Tesco and MENCAP who come into school regularly and give experience of interviews, customer service and work life skills. Through science and engineering week we have worked with engineers from Siemans engineering.  The students have an opportunity to engage in work experience at their own level, for some students that is school based, for others it is out in the community.

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